Factoring and Invoice Service - Financed

Get paid directly with factoring

Factoring enables you to get up to 99% of the sales amount directly.
Quick response - within one workday
Flexible solutions and terms
Top industry partner

Reduce risks and save time

Sending out payment reminders and following up overdue payments is time consuming. Use a factoring service and let it do the work for you. Selling an invoice turns your earnings to revenues. Our partners got you covered. They take full responsibility and manage all risks. Receive payment directly after your sales. It improves cash flow and decreases liability.

FAQ about factoring

The invoices you would like to sell to our partner can be uploaded continuously. They check if the customer is credit-worthy of the full amount, and then take the whole risk, and you will receive money within 24 hours.

Fill out the form online and get in touch directly with our partner. The offer is sent within one work day.

When buying the service, you decide which invoices to sell! It could be all of them or just a few.